• IDE

    • Word extraction from source editor could crash on specific sequences
    • backup of source files will now be stored at the project level, instead of the common area
    • forcing lowercase on identifiers is now consistent.
    • Introduced #$ short notation. For identifiers, $$id was translated to $app->someobject->id
      In case of events, i.e., onSubmit it is possible to see which component caused the trigger. #$ does something similar, #$id will be translated to someobject->id. It is used in statements like these:

      switch($key) {
        case '#$btn_1' :
           $$mail_1->host = $$email_server->value;

      that will be generated as (assume module id is 'config_email')

        case 'config_email_btn_1' :
           $app->config_email_mail_1->host = $app->config_email_email_server->value;

    • Fixed software scan for to-do items
    • Fixed designer issue where the system would select components containing a part of a required name.
    • Fixed 'enabled' property that worked the other way around ;-)
    • Fixed issue that sometimes, the name property was not matching it's internal name
    • Fixed inconsistency in 'free code' vs 'begin-functions'. All user code outside of events will now be defined in the begin-functions and end-functions block at the beginning of each source file. Example:

      // Please put your own functions and classes below this line, and above the END-FUNCTIONS line.
      // return full pdo string

      function GetPDOString($pdo) {
         global $connectionstrings;
         foreach ($connectionstrings as $driver => $parm) {
           if ($driver==$pdo) {
             return $parm;

    • Corrections that improves useability in case that the webserver is NOT on the same disk as PHsPeed. This could cause freezes in some circumstances or obscure error messages. 


    • EMail component now saves email type (HTML/Text) as preference.
    • DBConnection property auto-connect implemented
    • DBConnection property auto-connect to false allows that no configuration is given
    • cConnection component now uses .dbc for storing and retrieving config file (needed to distinguish from mail config files)
    • cConnection component enhanced to retrieve a listing of all stored database config files for the project.
    • cDBDropdown component enhanced with functions:
         addItem($key, $value) [ adds an item to the drop down list]
         clear(); [clears the dropdown list]

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